Provo Bakery

Today I felt like a traitor. I needed to get some sort of treat to bring to work, and I got raspberry rolls from Shirley’s Bakery. After living next to the Provo Bakery (which bizarrely has no website) for months, going to Shirley’s seemed like a betrayal. I’ve eaten and loved so many things from the Provo Bakery. I’ve sung it’s praises to so many people.

But the honestly, the Provo Bakery needs to step up its game. A lot. First, get a website. Second, I keep getting dried out things from them. The more bakeries I go to, the more disappointing the Provo Bakery is becoming. And that’s terrible. I say this not to be mean, or as a disgruntled customer. I still love the Provo Bakery. Rather, I’m trying to offer constructive criticism. I feel like I can never go wrong with the orange rolls or the Mexican wedding cakes. But the cookies? The bread? I feel like I can almost never go right with the donuts. Please, improve. I love you.

So, today, I needed something good, and I needed to know it would be good. I’ve brought all the good things from the Provo Bakery to work, and so I turned to Shirley’s. And you know what, it was delicious.



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2 responses to “Provo Bakery

  1. I worked at a small, locally-owned bakery as a teen, and when I went to the Provo Bakery (once, because what I bought was moldy), I discovered that it was exactly the same as the one I'd worked at. Same products that looked exactly the same. All made from the same bulk mixes. Same display cases! Like there's a "small bakery package" people can buy to start one up. At my bakery, stuff being sold is actually several days old. The day-old stuff is actually at least a week old. I'm guessing the Provo bakery is similar, or was when I tried it. From that point on, I've been very suspicious of small bakeries.

  2. I don't know how big yelp is for Provo residents, but I'd write up a review there. If there isn't much of a community there, help build it up! use it a lot here in Santa Barbara.

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