Provo Post 8: Things I Like

This past weekend Provo learned some big news: the burned-out tabernacle will become an LDS temple. I have conflicted feelings about this, and I’m not especially pleased (though I have found some arguments that its a good thing persuasive). But I’m going to wait to share my thoughts on that until later.

For now, I basically wanted to list off stuff in Provo that is good.

The (newly commercial) airport
Muse Music
Mayor John Curtis. Though I’ve only talked to him a couple of times, the progress Provo has experienced since he took office has been amazing. Also, he’s focus on information is refreshing. He comes off as the polar opposite of Provo’s previous mayor.
The weather
The trees
The Provo River Trial
Historic Downtown
NuSkin (sure, there’s a lot to dislike about NuSkin — and I don’t know anyone my age who likes them — but it’s unlikely Provo’s downtown would have ever been turned around without them. I have never participated, purchased or collaborated with NuSkin. However, my interactions with the company have been marked by uncommon and unfailing grace on their part.)
Sensuous Sandwich
The Freedom Festival
Gallery Stroll (when it happens, which is not enough)


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