Waggenry Studios

Have you checked out Waggenry Studios, in downtown? It’s a new gallery-studio run by a painter named Steve Waggoner. My understanding is he’s a student, who works in an area that he also uses to display art. (I didn’t personally talk to Waggoner, so I don’t know many details about what was going on.) I don’t know what the address is, but it can be accessed by entering the first door on northwest Center Street, then immediately heading up the stairs. Explore around a bit, and it’s not too hard to locate.

The gallery is located in the upstairs of the Provo Towne Center. Laura and I discovered it as we were attending gallery stroll Friday night and saw a sign on the sidewalk directing people to head upstairs. Once we arrived, we found the most interesting and relevant art of the evening — and that we’ve seen in a while in Provo. The location also houses the studio of Annie Henrie, though unfortunately I’m not sure who did which pieces for the actual exhibit.

If you’ve recently walked along University Ave and looked up at the old bay windows on the second floor of Provo Towne Center (near the old Los Hermanos and Smokehouse Pizza locations), you may have seen the studios of these artists. Waggoner’s studio in particular is in an amazing location.

It’s also worth mentioning that visiting the studio and gallery space is an amazing chance to see Provo history. The buildings are really old, but have been extensively modified over the years. More recently, however, someone has begun striping off the newer parts of the interior in the studio spaces. There’s a particularly fascinating section in Henrie’s studio, where dry has been removed. Beneath the drywall there used to be plaster, but now even portions of that have been taken down, revealing a very old painted sign advertising hardware and groceries on the original brick. It’s quite amazing.

The entire gallery exudes an incredible aesthetic, in addition to housing some great art. It’s something that Provo has been really lacking since several other galleries closed in recent years. I’d highly recommend checking it out during next month’s gallery stroll.


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