Come See Provo’s Premiere Rap Artist

I’ve mentioned before in passing that Provo has a great — and sometimes locally under-appreciated — music scene. And this weekend, one of Provo’s most accomplished and diverse musicians will release, of all things, a rap album. For those who have been involved in Provo music at any point in the last several years, Chance Lewis needs no introduction. This Saturday at Muse Music, Chance will be release “Underdog.”

I first met Chance years ago when we were both in different Provo bands, and in the time since he has continued to evolve as an artist, fronting and contributing to an array of different projects. While most Provo bands either move away or dissolve, Chance has been steadily reaching into new genres, all while becoming a stalwart of Provo music; if you stop by Provo’s 100 Block with even the slightest degree of regularity, you will met Chance. Mention his name to any Provo band, and they’ll know who you’re talking about.

The point is that Chance has spent years honing his craft, as well as collecting material. (Chance might be one of the few Provo musicians to be approaching the so-called “10,000 hour rule,” popularized by Malcolm Gladwell.)

Though this isn’t a CD review, “Underdog” is a delightfully allusive record that draws its inspiration — as well as its impetus for social critique — from its setting. Or said another way, “Underdog” is both a product of and commentary on Provo and Provo music. The album is exactly the sort of thing I was hoping for when I wrote this.

That might make the record sound dry or too intellectual. It isn’t. Both Laura and I smiled our way through a first listen, and argued over which one of us liked it more on our way to the car.

As a result, the CD release show is a can’t-miss event. It will be unlike any other — here or elsewhere — and will showcase one of Provo’s best artists.

If you’re interested in additional information, the album release was featured in City Weekly and is discussed by the man himseld in this podcast. You can hear a preview of the album here. You can also watch a video below.



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