Old Downtown Church To Become New Downtown Apartments

Last Sunday I was reading this article, on how old churches have been converted into luxury living spaces. As I was reading, I leaned over to Laura and said that the old, unused Sharpe reception center/old church right by Smith’s ought to become apartments.

And then, as though I had been clairvoyant, that actually happened! The link in the last sentence  goes to a Daily Herald article discussing the project at some length, but basically the interior of the building will be revamped and turned into nice apartments.

The fact that the building is going from abandoned to high density housing is amazing, and exactly the kind of thing Provo needs. Based on the description in the article, it seems it will bring in a slightly different demographic, will make the community more walkable, will increase property values in the surrounding area, and have a slew of other benefits. Huzzah!


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