Educated Job Seekers: Come to Provo

According to a recent post on the Mayor’s blog, Provo is the third best place for educated job seekers. That’s fantastic news, as educated people drive innovation, patronize interesting businesses, etc. It’s a positive sign that Provo continues to experience progress.



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2 responses to “Educated Job Seekers: Come to Provo

  1. RoRo

    After reading one of your posts a few weeks ago, I–who have for many years felt very strongly about NEVER wanting to move back to Utah county–suddenly felt this: “AAAAAWW, I want to move back to Provo.” Unfortunately, I don’t think that Jordan or I will really do that any time soon, but I just wanted to let you know that I think your blog is really interesting and you’re making Provo seem like a desirable and promising place. That is to say, I think you’re doing a good job here. 🙂

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