The Importance of Diversity

Provo is, without a doubt, a great place. But it’s not especially diverse. It’s very white, very Mormon, and very straight.

This article, however, argues that homogeneity may be hamstringing development. It’s interesting because I’ve always wished Provo had more diversity simply because it would make life more interesting and enjoyable. People from different backgrounds, races, religions and orientations inevitably have interesting things to say. Plus, I’m sufficiently comfortable in my own race/religion/orientation to find talking to people who are very different from me an immensely pleasurable experience.

But the article above isn’t really about quality of life. It’s about economic development. This is a particularly illuminative quote:

“To put it in plain English: diversity spurs economic development and homogeneity slows it down.”

Provo — and Utah in general — gets a lot of press about having an environment conducive to business. But if the city or state wants to stay competitive, it looks like we’re going to need to entice new, different people to come to town. People who are not necessarily white, Mormon, or straight.

That, of course, will have the collateral benefit of make all of our lives more interesting and enjoyable.


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