What is that stuff they’re putting on the convention center?

I’m pretty excited about the Utah Valley Convention Center. But I would like to know why half the building is being covered in what looks like cheap plastic siding. I pass by the construction site everyday and I love how the front and east sides of the building are interesting and attempt to strike a balance between old and new styles.

But the west side of the building is slowly being covered in silver and grey materials that look terrible. I sincerely hope that what is on the building now is not the final facade. Surely it isn’t. Surely no one would have made such a colossal, corner-cutting mistake. If it is the final facade, I will be forced to conclude that the architect simply built the structure from the pictures — as opposed to a real construction plan and blueprint.

In any case, cheap trailer park-esque materials are not inviting. They don’t suggest success or comfort. They’re tacky on a building like the convention center. They are a bad economic decision.

Someone please tell me that what I am seeing is not as it seems.

Here are some more pictures of the progress on the inside of the building.


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