A few more Velour-ish things

While I’m blogging on the importance of arts in Provo, I wanted to bring your attention to a couple of other fantastic series that exist in the Velour-osphere. First, the 100 Block Podcast is a series of interviews with local musicians and, in the episode linked to in this sentence, Velour owner Corey Fox. (All the other episodes of the podcast can be found within a few clicks of that page.)

The podcast is generally interesting, but also worth mentioning here because it bolsters the creative community and helps set a tone and identity for the city.

Next, I’d also recommend checking out The Occidental Saloon, which is a video series involving some of the more prominent musicians in the city.

What I really love about this series is that the videos are often visually stunning, and set in Provo. I don’t think they’re meant as any sort of advertisement for the city, but — much as I argued was the case with Ashley Mae’s painting — they inevitably do reveal some of the deep romance of Provo.


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