Do Wetland Restoration Projects Work?

I’m not going to pretend I understand what is going on with the Provo River closure. It seems, actually, like no one knows what’s going on. And though I like to think of myself as a pro-environment kind of guy, the whole thing kind of sounds like a disaster. I hope to gain a more nuanced view as I study, and I’m not yet willing to say I’m for or against the project.

However, I just came across this article, which suggests that restoring wetlands doesn’t always have the intended consequences. Here’s an illuminative quote from the third paragraph:

“…a new analysis of 621 wetland sites shows that, on average, restored wetlands regained only about three-quarters of their original biological performance. In restored wetlands, plants, insects, and animals do not reach their former abundance, density or diversity.”

The article is short, so feel free to keep reading. And if you want to read more about plans to close the river, click here.


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