Can Downtown Get By Without More Parking?

As anyone who has ever driven into downtown Provo will know, it’s not hard to find parking. Sure, you might not be able to park directly in front of Velour, the Covey Center, or Communal, but over all there is an over abundance of parking.

That said, I anticipate that parking could be a major objection to bringing in large retailers, especially a chain store or two.

But the idea of necessary massive parking lots and seas of concrete — or even for abundant curbside parking — is increasingly being debunked. This post discusses what basically amounts to an experiment in San Francisco, during which street parking was temporarily eliminated. Counterintuitively — but not surprisingly for those who watch these sorts of things — the experiment was a success with business owners actually saying they benefited.

Provo is very different from San Francisco, but the point is that sometimes parking concerns are blown out of proportion. Like all cities along the Wasatch Front, Provo is a long way from getting ride of all downtown parking, but for now at least it seems that we have plenty.



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7 responses to “Can Downtown Get By Without More Parking?

  1. Joey

    “seas of concert” — I assume you meant seas of concrete.

  2. Nathan

    Yes, Downtown Provo can get by without more parking, but I think the perception of available parking matters. Business all want stalls open in front of their buildings and customers don’t want to walk more than a block (maybe two). A better wayfinding system would help dispel the myth that there is no parking downtown.

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  4. Tosh

    i hear that provo is going to add a LOT more “way finding” signs in downtown– from parking signs, to “things to do” signs, to “you are here” signs… 🙂

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