Favorite January Posts

For the time being, I’m committed to posting on this blog at least once a weekday. On a good day, I’ll post twice or more. But that means that a lot of posts come and go before I even have time to think critically about them. In response, I’ve decided to try out a “best of” at the end of the month. This is a chance to revisit a few of the month’s better posts. These aren’t necessarily the most popular posts, but the are the ones I find myself returning to again and again. Some of them are also posts that lay out a theoretical concept that has and will be referenced over and over on this blog. So here are my favorite posts of January:

The Opera House Effect: This post begins to explain that the arts are important not only because they’re fun, but also because they’re economically valuable. Basically any post on this blog that discusses the arts — or arts-related entertainment — will be informed in some way by ideas that received an initial articulation here.

Commuter Rail Is (Almost) Here: The title nearly says it all, but this post also prompted a series of others. It’s also simply fantastic news.

Distance Warping, Public Transit, and the Frontrunner Station: This post muses on the psychology of public transit and pedestrian traffic.

We have one of the most eco-friendly ski resorts: Not so much a theoretical post, but one that I nevertheless liked. I believe some of Provo’s problems could be solved simply by better, more contemporary marketing. The fact that we have a green ski resort up the mountain should be a huge selling point.


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