I Used The Provo Airport And It Was Amazing

I’m not entering the mayor’s airline ticket contest — I suspect that he’d be reluctant to give the tickets to a reporter and I probably couldn’t accept anyway — but I have used the airport in the past. And since part of the contest is to share your experiences with the airport, I thought I’d dredge up the post I wrote last year shortly after my trip. The post was originally written for my other blog, and it describes how Laura and I road our bikes to catch our flight. Click here to read about it.

(I also flew into the Provo airport a couple of weeks ago with my friend Dane. He’s a pilot and we were in a very small private plane on our way back from St. George. We were really landing in Spanish Fork, but he did a “touch down” — where we briefly landed but didn’t stop or leave the runway — in Provo. The experience re-emphasized to me how the mountains and the lake give the airport a very striking aesthetic.)



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