LDS Church to Tear Down Nu Skin Parking Lot

Thursday my colleague Genelle Pugmire broke the news that the LDS Church is buying the downtown Nu Skin parking lot. Presumably it’ll be torn down. Here are the salient points from Genelle’s story:

• The church spokesperson called the new LDS temple the “Provo City Center Temple.” That’s not the most creative name in the world, and I hope it’s not final.

• In addition to tearing down the Nu Skin parking structure, the church will also “likely” tear down the smokestack to the west of the Tabernacle. I understand the reasons for this, but if ever there was interesting relic of the past, it’s that smoke stack.

• Excavation of the “old tabernacle” foundation, to the north of the current tabernacle is expected to last another month.

• The church has asked the city to “vacate” 100 South, meaning it wants to own the street as well as the property on either side of it.

The information in Genelle’s story is by and large exciting, but it does raise a few questions that I’ll address those in a future post.


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