Provo in Sunset Magazine

Last night Laura and I were at Smith’s in downtown when we ran into Mayor Curtis. He mentioned to us that he was there to buy a Sunset Magazine, which happened to be featuring Provo.

We decided to pick up a copy for ourselves and I was delighted by the small feature on Provo. Significantly, the article gives the most space to Velour, which supports the argument in my last post that Provo’s music scene is one of the things that makes it most unique.

The article — which technically is not online but which is viewable on the mayor’s blog — treads the familiar ground of many Provo features, namely by acting like it’s amazing that Provo isn’t completely lame. But while it frustrates me when City Weekly, SLUG, or the Salt Lake Tribune write about Provo that way, I can hardly hold it against a national magazine that they’re just discovering the city. In fact, the article is significant — and even something of a reversal of the traditional narrative — in that it’s holding up Provo as an example of cool things in Utah.



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