Best February Posts

Around the end of each month I like do a kind of recap of my favorite posts from the preceding weeks. I try to post frequently on this blog, so the idea is that these were the most significant posts and the ones I may to refer back to in the future. So here are the best posts from February, in no particular order:

Unlocking the Grid: Or, How Provo’s Streets Encourage Parking Lots and Dullness: This post looks at Provo’s street grid, and how that system has contributed to large swaths of concrete in the city. It also posits a potential solution.

Only in Provo: A Few Things that Make Provo Unique: Inspired by the city’s recent rebranding efforts, this post throws out some ideas regarding Provo’s most valuable assets.

Will the Tabernacle Temple Actually Increase Foot Traffic in Downtown?: Everyone is counting on the new LDS temple to significantly improve downtown. I’m hopeful that will happen, but it’s far from a given.

Parking Minimums Ruin Historic Neighborhoods: The title explains the premise, but many people — myself included — were brought up to believe exactly the opposite of what authorities believe works.

A View of Downtown: Photos and commentary on Provo’s downtown, which apparently lacks sufficient foot traffic.

The Benefits of Putting Many Businesses in One Downtown: Companies reap economic benefits by locating near one another.



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2 responses to “Best February Posts

  1. Lisa Witham

    I am really enjoying your blog! Especially your articles on Provo Downtown, it’s a exciting time for downtown! Thanks! (I am a longtime business owner in downtown and a downtown lover)

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