City T-Shirts

I’ve seen people wearing BYU shirts, Provo High School shirts, and shirts from various city departments. But it’s rare that I’ve seen someone wearing a shirt specifically for Provo, as a city and a place. In fact, the only instance that comes to mind was in a recent Facebook picture of a funny but very vulgar shirt.

This article from The Atlantic Cities, however, goes over a few good and curious city t-shirt designs. The point it’s making is that t-shirts can help people express pride in their city while simultaneously advertising that city to others. It should go without saying, then, that Provo could benefit from it’s own t-shirt entrepreneurs.


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  1. Nathan

    I recently talked to an employee of a start-up called When they went to Silicon Valley looking for funding their group wore a shirt that said “Made in Provo” everywhere they went. He said it gained them a lot of notoriety and the result was this (
    I’m sure the final result had more to do with the product than the shirt, but I don’t think it hurt them.

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