Gallery Stroll in Provo Tonight

As usual for the first Friday of the month, tonight is Provo’s Gallery Stroll, which is now officially known as the Art Stroll. Recent discussions I’ve had with authoritative people lead me to believe that gallery stroll is going to be getting better and better. But with more galleries and generally more excitement, Gallery Stroll already has improved a lot in the last few months.

One of tonight’s likely highlights will be “Bread and Passion,” which is taking place at the downtown Provo Community United Church of Christ on the 100 Block. Though I’m not entirely sure what all will be going on, the exhibit appears to be a combination of artisan bread with a screening of Joan of Arc. And that sounds great to me.

There will also be an exhibit at the In, which is a new workspace in downtown. And if art isn’t enough for you, this exhibit promises to include local Amano chocolate, which is amazing.

And of course, there will be the other, usual galleries and spaces filled with great works as well.



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2 responses to “Gallery Stroll in Provo Tonight

  1. Karla

    Jim, I really like your blog. I can’t believe I haven’t looked at it before. As a Provo resident always looking for new things to do and recommend and appreciate, it’s a great resource. Keep up the good work!

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