Provo: The City Most Optimistic About Its Own Future

Today, Gallup released its findings on city optimism and the Provo-Orem area landed the top spot. The survey discovered that 76 percent of the people in the Provo area were optimistic that “their city or area is getting better as a place to live.”

The survey also found that the Provo area has the third highest level of community satisfaction.

Provo’s unique culture tends to breed a degree of optimism about all sorts of things, but don’t think that general attitude can account for the enthusiasm that earned Provo this latest distinction. Indeed, there’s a palpable feeling on the streets that the city is experiencing a renaissance, and now hard evidence demonstrates that perception exists.

The Atlantic Cities provides a partial explanation of why residents would feel optimistic about their communities. Richard Florida writes that

My own research, alongside Charlotta Mellander and Kevin Stolarick of the Martin Prosperity Institute, finds that community satisfaction is closely related to the physical beauty of a community as well as economic security, schools, and the ability for and level of social interaction.

Provo certainly has a long way to go on the road to improvement, but it’s exciting to see that the community believes the city is headed in the right direction. (Click here to read MSNBC’s story on these same findings.)



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