What’s in a Name: The Worst City Branding

Rebranding has been a recurring topic on this blog in recent weeks due to Provo’s own efforts. But I guess I’m just going to keep harping on it until there is some evidence of success.

To that end, Grist recently went over some of the worst city branding out there. Tellingly, the article is titled “Giving Cities a Bad Name,” and points out that,

“Turns out this country is CHOCK FULL of marketing consultants who don’t have the foggiest clue what they’re doing — and cities love to hire these people!”

The article explores baffling attempts at whitewashing cities’ reputations, slogans that make no sense, and unfortunate acronyms. The underlying assumption behind this article, as well as those cited in the numerous other rebanding posts on this blog, is that a city’s brand is important, but very easily botched.


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