Vote for Provo in the Best of Utah Valley

The Daily Herald is currently holding its annual Best of Utah Valley nominations. (Disclosure: I work for the Daily Herald, though this post was not prompted or incentivized by anything in my work life.)

These nominations allow people to vote for everything from the best bands in the region, to the best restaurants, to the best sprinkler care. Really, there is a category for almost everything.

These sorts of rankings only mean so much, but if nothing else they are certainly a way to drive business to Provo. Or on the other hand, they can be a way to send local money out of state. In 2010, for example, chains PF Chang’s and Panda Express were the top two Chinese restauants — despite the numerous local restaurants in the area. In what should be an everlasting embarrassment for all of us, The Olive Garden tied for best Italian restaurant (thankfully, at least, with Gloria’s Little Italy).

So this year, allow me to recommend voting for local businesses in Provo. They’re better, they keep money in the local economy, and the added publicity will help them draw business into the city from around the state.


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