LDS Church Announces New 9-Story MTC Building

Today, the LDS Church announced its plan to construct a new, 9-story building at the Provo Missionary Training Center. My colleague Genelle Pugmire’s article points out that the church hasn’t yet filed a building permit. It also states that the building will have more above-ground stories than the current 2-story structure it is replacing. The generalness of this information leads me to believe that the church perhaps hasn’t finalized its plans or design yet, so I’ll look forward to finding out more in the future.

As Genelle also notes in the story, the church is involved in some considerable investment in Utah County.

The LDS Church has several major ongoing building projects in Utah County including a large multi-stake complex at 300 N. and 900 East, the $90 million science building at Brigham Young University, the Downtown Provo Temple and the Payson Temple among others.


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