The New “Student Movement” Shuttle Bus

While I was running along 9th East a few days ago I noticed a large white bus at the corner of 7th North. The bus was clearly older than the UTA buses I see around town, but it also seemed to be in service.

As I looked more closely, I noticed that the bus was part of the Student Movement, which despite sounding like a grad student unionization effort is actually a new shuttle service in Provo. According to the website, the buses serve four large, BYU-oriented apartment complexes during the weekdays and make additional grocery store runs on the weekends. And apparently, the buses run almost constantly.

Though I wish BYU and UTA had simply bolstered the existing public transit system years ago — they could have continued the program they had when I was an undergrad and the university subsidized bus passes so they were free — the Student Movement could be a positive addition to Provo.

If it works, it’ll take cars of the street in the short term and could reduce the need for parking lots in the long run. Students also will have a convenient way to get to school that costs less than UTA buses or their own cars. And of course, fewer student drivers should make longer-term residents happy. For all those reasons, I wish the Student Movement the best of luck.

A bus stop in Provo. A new shuttle service called the Student Movement is now busing students to BYU from more distant apartment complexes, thereby reducing dependence on UTA and cars.


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