The Ghosts of Provo and March Gallery Stroll

March Gallery Stroll was exciting and a noticeable improvement over gallery strolls past. One of the highlights of the evening was an exhibit by Bryan Hutchison in Station 22. You can visit Hutchinson’s website here, and read an excellent post about the exhibit on the blog I Spy Utah. That post includes this explanation of the exhibit:

He had prints of today’s locations in Provo, and had then, over the top, used newspaper to create the ghost buildings that used to be in the spot when he was growing up in Provo.

I first saw an iteration of this exhibit last year at the CUAC (or maybe it was in a restaurant near the CUAC, I can’t remember exactly), but it’s even better in Provo because it actually depicts  Provo, past and present. In some ways it’s sort of like a more eloquent and intellectually engaging exploration of the idea I was trying to get at in my recent post on forgetting.

The exhibit is still up at Station 22, and I was told Tuesday that it would likely be there until the end of March.

Station 22 in Provo is currently hosting an art exhibit about Provo.



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2 responses to “The Ghosts of Provo and March Gallery Stroll

  1. alicewgold

    Wow. Thanks to you Jim for the linking love and quote. I feel like a real writer. I really loved Bryan’s exhibit. I hope that people will get out to take a look before they take it down.

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