Plans Revealed for New MTC Nine Story Building in Provo

Today, the LDS Church unveiled plans for the upcoming nine story building at its Missionary Training Center in Provo.

The MTC website offers this explanation for building the structure after 30 years of training missionaries:

During this time the buildings have been well maintained, but they are showing their age. Many of the buildings on the MTC Campus including the Melvin Joseph Ballard building are experiencing some severe facility challenges. Heating and cooling systems and plumbing infrastructure in the buildings are failing. Interior temperatures are hot, often exceeding 80°F. Pipes are corroding and frequently burst. In addition it is difficult to implement technology in these aging buildings. In response to these challenges it has become necessary to build a new building to train the missionaries.

The website’s Frequently Asked Questions section provides additional details. The Salt Lake Tribune also ran this story today on the building.

For those who are interested, there is also going to be a neighborhood meeting regarding the building tonight. The Tribune story above includes more information regarding that meeting.



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