The Tabernacle Temple Gets a Name

My colleague Genelle Pugmire broke the news this evening that the planned LDS Church temple in downtown Provo will be called the “Provo City Center Temple.”

It’s exciting that the temple has been named and is moving forward. But I have to admit, they probably couldn’t have come up with a blander moniker if they tried. It sort of has the feel of, say, a used car dealership. Or, maybe a sleezy motel. (Indeed there is a sleezy motel in downtown called the City Center Motel, and it’s a hotspot for drug and criminal activity. Perhaps knowing about that motel is making me biased.)

Oh well though. LDS temples don’t get by on their flashy names and I’m genuinely pleased to hear about any progress, however small.

The LDS Church's Provo Tabernacle burned in December, 2010. The church later announced the building would become a temple, and in March 2012 named the upcoming structure the "Provo City Center Temple."



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4 responses to “The Tabernacle Temple Gets a Name

  1. laura

    I disagree with your assessment. I think the name sounds fine, and I like how it has the word “city” in it.

  2. yes, you have a point. perhaps I really am just be biased by my experiences in the criminal underworld.

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