Provo: Green City of the Future?

We know that Provo was once considered “The Garden City” and I’ve argued that it’s making significant progress toward becoming greener — though there’s much still to be done.

While researching environmental policy recently, I found this list from Ecomagination on the five greenest cities in the world. I’ve been to two of these cities — San Francisco and Curitiba, Brazil — and I’ve read about the others.

What stands out here is that all of the featured cities regularly show up on other lists as well. They’re famous for being well-off, educated, clean, and generally great places to live. Curitiba even manages to be all of those things  in a “developing” country characterized by income inequality and high crime rates in certain major metros.

As these cities demonstrate, progressive environmental policy is vital part of the broader picture as cities work to cultivate development.

Curitiba is one of the most pleasant cities in Brazil. Not coincidentally, it's also one of the more environmentally friendly cities in the world.


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