Young People Don’t Want Cars

Both the New York Times and The Atlantic recently ran articles about how millenials — my generation, coincidentally — don’t want cars.

That’s certainly a sentiment that I share and understand. After having been to many places that are either walkable, have good public transit or, ideally, both, I really can’t imagine why anyone would want to drive. And though that might be something of an extreme attitude, the articles above show that it’s at least part of a fairly widespread and substantial cultural shift.

The articles explore causes and consequences of this shift, but applied to Provo I think it means the city needs to think more seriously about developing infrastructure that is less car-centric. Substantial improvements have and will be made — from adding bike lanes to bolstering the commuter rail system — but a great deal of discussion still focuses on issues like parking, speed limits, and vehicle accessibility.

If Provo wants to retain young, educated families — not to mention aging baby-boomers who will be driving less and less — it needs to stop being a car city and become a more human city.

East Center Street in Provo. This road manages to get by as a major thoroughfare even though it has relatively low speed limits, bike lanes and sidewalks.



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