Provo’s Music Scene Grows With ‘Audio-Files’

This blog has mentioned Provo’s surprisingly strong music scene a number of times. That scene has been strong for years, but it’s about to take a significant leap forward with the arrival of “Audio-Files.”

“Audio-Files” is a new show that apparently will air on BYUTV, and perhaps online as well. I believe it is produced by the same people who did the Occidental Saloon videos, which were genuinely amazing. It will also feature native Utah musicians such as Joshua James, those with a strong connection to the area such as Imagine Dragons, and perhaps others.

Additional information online is somewhat scarce at this point, but tonight the show is having a special screening at BYU. Attendees are required to register to get in and the screening is labeled as a “BYU Student Screening.” However, I’m not a BYU student and I just registered, so it appears that anyone with the will to attend can manage to do so.

There are screenings at 6 pm and 8 pm, but I recommend attending the 8 pm screening so you can also go to the community picnic at the tabernacle.

And finally, the development of this program provides a case study in how the arts — and specifically Provo’s music scene — can grow from something small to a major asset in the community. Not only is local music a pleasure, but a show like “Audio-Files” shows that it’s growing to become a major cultural and economic force beyond the limits of its historical niche audience. This is the sort of thing that generates positive buzz, as well as economic development.

I happen to love Provo music simply because I think it’s great, but for all the reasons mentioned above I hope the community supports this program and the cultural movement that produced it.

Visit the “Audio-Files” Youtube channel by clicking here.


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