Young People Want ‘Cool’ Cities

AdWeek recently reported on what most people probably already suspected: young people want to move somewhere “cool.”

What’s significant about that fact, however, is that the recession has apparently driven young people to seek cool cities.

Its analysis of the American Community Survey from 2008-2010 found that young adults, to the extent that they are moving at all, are headed to metro areas which are known to have a certain vibe—college towns, high-tech centers, and so-called “cool cities.”

Young, educated workers are frequently described as one of the most integral parts of a successful city’s economy. They propel growth, innovation and entrepreneurialism. But this new information shows that a city’s vibe, something I’ve also referred to as “mystique,” also matters.

And that’s why things like the arts, walkability, and programs like “Audio-Files” are so important. Though these characteristics may not result in jobs for most young workers, they nevertheless help a city distinguish itself as “cool.”


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