Best March Posts

March had more posts on this blog than any previous month, so choosing favorites isn’t easy. But here are a few that I think were the most significant.

Why Not Preserve the Original Tabernacle Ruins as a Historic Space: There are many reasons to preserve the historic  original tabernacle ruins, but probably the most compelling is economics.

Is This The Most Pointless Bench in Provo?: Someone spent money to put in a bench that gets virtually no use at all. Why do we keep making that mistake in all sorts of thing?

Urban Campus and the Tabernacle Temple: A major building or destination in a city — the upcoming LDS Tabernacle Temple, for example — absolutely must be designed with an eye to how it will interact with the surrounding buildings and economy. Yet there’s very little discussion about that in Provo right now and people seem to setting themselves up for the fatal mistake of just assuming that new buildings will work.

A Great City Deserves a Great City Hall: Provo’s city hall is getting run down and outdated. The mayor recently suggested building a new one, so this post speculates on what it should look like.

How to Talk to Your Provo Hating Friends Part 1 (and Part 2): Provo’s reputation was forged in a previous and now-dead era. These duel posts offer suggestions for talking to people who haven’t let go of that past.

“Off-Center Character,” Or, Rebranding Often Misses the Point: Many cities — as well as city leaders and marketing professionals — want to focus on safe, worn out ideas when it comes to branding a city. This post argues that branding should do the opposite: focus on the weird and quirky things in a city.


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