Tabernacle Temple Groundbreaking in Downtown

The LDS Church announced today that the groundbreaking of the downtown Tabernacle Temple — aka the “City Center Temple” — will be held May 12 at 9 a.m.

As usual, my colleague Genelle Pugmire deserves major props for getting this story before anyone else.

According to Genelle’s story, the event will be attended by Jeffery R. Holland, and attendees will need tickets to get in.

This is all very exciting for downtown Provo, though timing seems odd considering the Utah Valley Convention Center is also holding its opening that same day. Maybe church leaders didn’t want to make two trips down to Provo? Hopefully this doesn’t take the wind out of the sails of either event.

In any case, this announcement will rightly cause a lot of rejoicing in the city and I count myself among those who are thrilled. But as part of that rejoicing I hope we remember to have a critical discussion about how the upcoming campus will work in downtown.

The LDS Church will begin work to turn this building into a new temple on May 12.


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