Commuter Rail Officially Arrives in December

Back in January, a county official said the Frontrunner commuter train would arrive in Provo this year, and now it looks like that will actually happen.

The official opening date for the Provo-Salt Lake City line is now Dec. 10. The link in the previous sentence includes information about upcoming meetings on bus schedules, as well as this update:

Construction on the FrontRunner Provo to Salt Lake City line is more than 90 percent complete. Testing of the new line is expected to begin this summer. The completed line will feature stations in Murray, South Jordan, Draper, Lehi, American Fork, Orem and Provo, with a future station in Vineyard.

This announcement should add new urgency to the efforts to increase walkability in downtown. I have previously written about this topic here, here, and here, among other posts.  To summarize previous points, commuter rail is a truly wonderful addition to Provo, but for it to be successful major development needs to occur in the south part of downtown. I am, however, very optimistic as a result of my conversations with Brent Wilde.

The Provo Frontrunner "train station," circa March 2012. Obviously, calling this spartan platform a train station is a bit…optimistic, but the arrival of commuter rail later this year should nevertheless be a major asset for Provo.


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