The Best Gallery Stroll of the Year

Tonight’s gallery stroll may be the best of the year. For starters, I’m fairly certain it’s the “art chase,” which basically involves a scavenger hunt*. Attendees get a card at one of the participating galleries (Station 22 in this case), then get it stamped at each gallery stroll venue. At the end, you drop the card off to be entered in a drawing. Two years ago, I (or, rather, Laura) won a free night stay in the downtown Marriott doing this.

This Facebook event includes additional information, and states that Sora will be selling dollar Sushi until midnight. Sadly, additional information is hard to come by; the official gallery stroll blog hasn’t been updated in more than a month and there seems to be little coordination between the galleries. (I know people are working to solve these issues in the future, but seriously, this could not have been publicized any worse.)

However I believe there will be new exhibits at The In, Station 22, The Covey Center, Provo Community Church, and Terra Nova Gallery. I can only assume there will also be something going on at other locations — such as the Health and Justice Building.

I have also heard rumors that the streets will be a bit more lively tomorrow night, though I know that’s extremely vague and I can’t promise anything.

In addition to the gallery stroll, The Great Salt Lake Guitar Co. will be hosting “a night of live acoustic music by Berkeley Kershisnik and Mikey Mathews.” The show is free and goes from 7:30-9 pm. I haven’t been able to find any information online about this event, but I was in the store recently and they assured me it was actually happening.

And of course, downtown stalwarts will be in full force Friday night as well. Velour will be holding the Rust-N-Weeds CD release and Muse Music is having a show of some sort.

Station 22 on Center Street is a great stop in Provo's gallery stroll.

Provo's 100 Block — on the west side of University Ave between 100 North and 200 North — is always one of the best places for entertainment, or just people watching, on a Friday night.

* If for some reason art chase doesn’t happen gallery stroll will still go on.


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