Get A Free Tree and Help Plant a Cool, Urban Forest

Planting trees in cities has a multitude of benefits and through April 13 Provo City Power has a free tree giveaway program. On his blog, the mayor writes that,

As a locally owned and locally controlled utility, Provo City Power is interested in lowering costs to Provo residents. Lowering your energy consumption by shading your home will save you money and help the utility by reducing the need to purchase expensive power, especially at peak times.

The power company will give away 500 trees to the first qualified people who register. The website for the program includes even more information:

Cooling costs can be reduced 30-50% by proper placement of trees around buildings, air conditioners, and paved areas. Also lawns shaded by trees use 30-50% less water. The trees offered by Provo City Power are chosen in order to help you select a tree that would be the most appropriate for maximum cooling of your home.

I’ve written about trees several times before on this blog, usually focusing on fruit trees. But in any case, planting trees is both aesthetically pleasing and, as the quotes above indicate, environmentally friendly. It’s also programs like this one that set Provo aside from other cities and make the case that it could be a leader in environmental stewardship.

Like many areas of Provo, Center Street is lined with trees. Through April 13 Provo City Power is giving away trees to qualifying residents.


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