Here’s Why You Should Go Get Your Free Tree

Most people probably don’t need much persuading that trees are good to have in a community, especially when they’re being given away for free as is currently the case in Provo.

However, I know I’m always surprised by just how much trees contribute to a city or state. In this article, the Atlantic Cities’ Nate Berg explains that urban trees in Tennessee have massive economic benefits:

The biggest savings are attributed to carbon storage, which the authors of the report value at an estimated $350 million. […] Air and water filtration is also one of the functional benefits of urban trees, and the report estimates the value of this work at $204 million per year. […] And because of the shading they provide, these urban trees are credited with saving about $66 million in energy costs annually.

Together, that’s a huge sum of money. The article also goes on to say that trees positively impact property values, among other things.

That Provo Power is currently giving away trees is both remarkable and, given the benefits, perhaps obvious. Now it just remains for the community to sustain the current progress.

A tree-lined street in the historic Joaquin neighborhood. Urban trees have numerous economic and aesthetic benefits in cities, and in Provo the locally-owned power company is currently giving them away for free.



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4 responses to “Here’s Why You Should Go Get Your Free Tree

  1. dubsdrivel

    We’ve been doing this for a few years now… And thrilled to see it back. We use the trees to help with our energy costs as well!

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