Jimmer Graffiti Update

My friend and former editor Steve Pierce has tracked down what the Jimmer guerrilla art actually means. From Steve’s blog Post-Jimmer:

UPDATE #2: According to another reader, the translation of the Japanese text in the above photo is as follows:
presenting big Jimner [sic]
This hero is #1
Big in Japan
I was unware that Jimmer  — or his alter-ego Jimner — was so popular in Japan. Either way, I still think this is awesome. More of this, please. (Maybe some Jabari Parker street art? Does that count as an NCAA recruiting violation?)

So there it is. And for those who are curious, the graffiti is still up so you can still check it out. However, Provo is usually pretty quick about removing vandalism, so you better hurry. It’s located at 200 North and 400 East.

Jimmer-oriented graffiti in Provo


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