Spotted: The Student Movement Bus

While heading out to City Creek the other day, Laura snapped these pictures of the Student Movement bus as it traveled down 9th East. As mentioned in this post, the bus is a private enterprise designed to shuttle students from more distant apartment complexes to BYU campus.

The Student Movement bus on 9th East

The private bus transports students from outer apartment complexes to BYU campus.

The Daily Universe offers additional explanation. This article mentions the Student Movement as a pilot program designed to help students cut their transportation costs. Sadly, the article notes that students aren’t getting much help from UTA:

Many colleges, including BYU, offer discount bus passes to students. However, earlier this year, Utah Transit Authority announced the discontinuance of the Ed Pass and the replacement of the UTA Student Transit Pass. This will substantially increase the price of a bus pass for BYU students from $100 a year to $56.25 for a 30-day period or $214 for one semester, according to a news release. The increase has significantly affected many students.

That’s both a disappointing and backward development. This article then goes on to explain how the Student Movement will actually work, what it costs, etc.

As I mentioned in my first post on the Student Movement, it’s sad that UTA and BYU couldn’t figure out a way to use existing programs and buses to help students. They’ve done it in the past and it seems like such a waste to not do it in the future. But the Student Movement is something that should excite everyone in Provo, regardless of their relationship with the student population, because it takes cars off the street.


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