The McDonald Mansion

If you and I are friends on Facebook, you may have seen this picture a couple of days ago. But I wanted to post it here so anyone could see just what kind of a place Provo used to be.

The McDonald House

BYU’s digital archive labeled this building the McDonald House and said it was located on 100 North between 400 East and 300 East. There are a number of apartment complexes located on that street today, so I assume they replaced this mansion (though honestly the house is so spectacular that I can’t quite let go a suspicion that the photo was mislabeled as being from Provo.)

I’m of the opinion that progress means losing some old buildings, (very) occasionally even beautiful historic ones. A great city also needs architectural diversity with structures erected throughout it’s lifetime.

But all that said, I truly cannot fathom why this house was torn down. Nothing on 100 North is even in the same architectural league, and if this home still existed it would be a treasure for the city in the same way that the less-striking Smoot House is today. And in the end, though there are currently bigger modern homes in the city, there is nothing nearly as grand.


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  1. What an amazing building. Along those lines, I found this negative going through an old dresser at my parent’s house
    Really sad to see those two awesome houses on the south replaced by an Apt complex and a mail truck parking lot.

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