Provo Street Art Reaches New Dimension

Leuven, the man (or woman?) behind the Jimmer and Milton guerrilla art in the Joaquin neighborhood, has struck again. This time, it’s with a colorful and apparently 3D piece on the side of a parking structure on 400 East, just south of 500 North.

After the Milton piece, I’m inclined to think there may be more to this latest work than I’m actually getting, but from a purely aesthetic standpoint, I think it’s pretty cool.

Guerrilla art on 400 East.

Unfortunately, I didn't have 3D glasses with me when I saw this.

I also wonder if Leuven is putting up work all over the city, or just in the Joaquin neighborhood. I've see all the pieces mentioned in this blog because they happen to be on streets I use everyday.

Close up.



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