An Urban Fruit Forest Example

The universally beloved city of Seattle has embarked on an exciting new initiative: planting an urban fruit forest. Basically, using a $100,000 grant, the city is planting fruit and nut trees that will be available “free of charge and largely without conditions.”

The article raises quite a few potential challenges, but the general objective is both noble and plausible. It’s also similar to the argument I made in this post and this post.

My point was that urban fruit forests result in low cost, environmentally friendly food for the entire community. That food can be used to mitigate the effects of local hunger and poverty, and/or simply to provide healthy food for those who take it.

Provo obviously wouldn’t grow the same kind of food that Seattle is planning, but the city already has enough fruit and nut trees — as well as people who gleen from them — to suggest that this could work.

Close up of a young Gala apple tree in the Joaquin neighborhood.


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