Convention Center Sidewalk Opens

This week, the sidewalks along Freedom Blvd and 100 North around the Utah Valley Convention Center re-opened. They had been closed for months or longer during construction, but are now available to the public. And despite the shortcomings of the convention center itself, the sidewalks are actually fairly pleasant.

Sidewalk along Freedom Blvd looking south toward Center Street.

Sidewalk along Freedom Blvd looking north toward 100 North.

In addition, a comment on yesterday’s post offered more information about the upcoming convention center parking lot. According to Wayne Parker, the city was contractually obligated to have parking. That parking originally was going to come with a new hotel, but the hotel fell through and the city had to build the lot on it’s own.

Does this information make me hate the new parking lot any less? No. But it does shed light on the significant challenges facing city officials — whom I have a tremendous amount of respect for — as they work to revitalize downtown. Wayne also mentioned in his comment that the parking lot will indeed likely be temporary. So huzzah for that.


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