Provo Leads Utah Valley in Eco Stewardship

The Utah Valley Earth Forum recently surveyed the cities of Utah Valley to determine how they are doing with environmental stewardship. Not surprisingly, Provo took the top spot.

More specifically, the survey looked at 36 categories ranging from “working with local environmental organizations” to “programs to reduce vehicle idling” to “use solar heat and power in city buildings.”

According to the survey, Provo participates in 27 of the 36 categories. The next best cities are Orem and Elk Ridge, both with 21, followed by Lehi, with 18. Click on the image below to see the full results, or visit the website linked to above.

These survey results are encouraging. I’ve been arguing for months on this blog that Provo is making serious progress when it comes to ecological stewardship. I also believe those strides should be a bigger part of the city’s brand. This latest survey puts some data behind that idea.

But before we all pat ourselves on the back, it’s worth remembering Provo still has a long way to go. For one, the city could work to comply with all 36 categories, and of course it could also continue progressing in areas not covered by the survey.

I’m also not sure how the cities decided which activity to report. For example, Provo supposedly is doing something to “encourage clothes drying on clothes lines.” However, I’ve never personally been encouraged to do that, I’ve never seen any information on it, and I almost never see people actually drying clothing on clothes lines.

The lesson, then, is that even in the areas where Provo excels there is clearly room for improvement.

Downtown Provo. The city leads Utah County in environmental stewardship.



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2 responses to “Provo Leads Utah Valley in Eco Stewardship

  1. Provo started a sustainability committee as part of our Vision 2030 plan. The committee is always looking for more help. Interested individuals should contact Don Jarvis at

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