Why Public Transit Matters

Walk Score recently ranked the best American cities for public transit. No Utah cities made the cut, but in fairness no city did perfectly and some on the list didn’t do well at all.

More relevantly, however, Richard Florida used the rankings to explore the idea of public transit. Toward the end of his article in The Atlantic Cities, he explains that transit is associated with wealthier cities that have a skill-oriented economy:

But transit use is also more common in knowledge-based metros with greater shares of the scientists, engineers, techies, artists, designers, and professionals that make up the creative class.

Metros that are well served by transit also gain on the economic development front. Commuters can work on transit, as opposed to in their cars, improving their well-being and boosting productivity, according to other research. And metros with good transit systems gain a big edge in attracting younger people who favor cities with transit, where they can save money by not having to buy a car.

This provides yet more evidence that public transit is a key component for cities like Provo to consider as they work to build up their economies.


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