The Post-Nordstrom Mall

In light of my earlier post today on City Creek, I thought I’d share a few photos of Orem’s University mall. These photos were taken a week or so ago, when Laura and I ventured up to the mall to see how it was faring in the wake of Nordstrom’s departure.

The parking lot around Nordstrom was basically empty, much as the mall's north parking lot has been since the departure of Mervyn's a few years ago.

I was prepared for the worst, so seeing even a few people in the mall was a pleasant surprise (economically at least. I have no inherent love for malls). But a few people wandering around hardly makes a healthy mall. Indeed this picture is notable for all the empty space: empty chairs, vacant pathways, etc.

As these pictures show, the University Mall is not terrible, as far as malls goes. Aesthetically it's far superior to Provo's mall. But these pictures also show that at least on the evening I visited, it was far under capacity.

You can be the judge as to whether these pictures reveal a healthy retail environment or a failing one.



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2 responses to “The Post-Nordstrom Mall

  1. It’s definitely a weekend destination. Kenna and I frequent California pizza kitchen and often find the parking lot to be full of cars and people.

  2. Matthew Taylor

    What day of the week and time though?

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