“Gallery Stroll” Becomes Permanent “Art Chase”

Another month has come and gone, and so it’s time for another downtown gallery stroll. This month’s gallery stroll will take place tonight from 6-9 pm, and consequently ends up transitioning nicely into the Rooftop Concert Series.

In addition, gallery stroll has officially changed names to “Art Chase,” and is part of a group of activities collectively being called “Downtown Provo First Friday Events.” And unlike previous months, there is actually information available online.

Probably the biggest change accompanying the new name is that every gallery stroll is now an art scavenger hunt with the possibility of winning prizes. In the past, only one gallery stroll a year was a scavenger hunt. This month, participants who visit most of the galleries and identify selected art works will be entered to win a Kindle. And of course, attendees who don’t want to do the scavenger hunt can still stroll from gallery to gallery.

This month I’m especially looking forward to checking out Greg Caldwell’s art at Muse Music. Greg is a fantastic artist who will be exhibiting paintings and drawings. According to the Facebook event, his work will be for sale starting at $5 to $20. Greg also posted that there may be homemake cookies at the show. (Note: Muse Music is not on the list of Art Chase galleries, but the public show is scheduled at the same time, so it’s effectively part of gallery stroll.)

Muse Music will display and sell the art of Greg Caldwell Friday evening.


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