Mapping Provo’s Jane Jacobs Walk

The Jane Jacobs walk I’m hosting in downtown Provo happens tomorrow (Saturday) at noon. We’ll start at the courthouse, and follow something close to the route in the map below.

Tentative map of Provo’s May 5, 2012, Jane Jacobs walk.

At just over two miles, that route may be a little ambitions depending on who shows up. Specifically, I’m not sure we’ll actually make it all the way to 600 South and the upcoming Frontrunner rail station, though I wanted to include it on the map because it’s an increasingly important site in downtown Provo.

In any case, I’m calling this map tentative because I’d like everyone to feel that they have a say in where we go; if the group feels like heading down a street not on the map or cutting something out, then that’s certainly what we’ll do. As I said in my original post, I want this to be a walking discussion more than anything else.

And what will a walking discussion be like?

I envision it as a chance to do a kind of “close reading” of the urban environment, much as a scholar or critic might do with a book or a film. I’ve tried to do this with previous posts on portable toiletsneglected benches, entire streets, and many other things. My hope is that with a group of people, we’ll be able to look around and share insights we might never have had on our own.


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