Victory: Original Tabernacle Ruins to be Partially Preserved

As the LDS Church excavated the ruined foundation of the original Provo Tabernacle earlier this year, the site captivated the community. At the time, the church revealed that it planned to tear the ruins out of the ground to make way for the new temple expansion.

However, those plans have now changed, according to this article by the LDS Church news:

“Construction of the Provo City Center Temple will require that the southern portion of the old Provo Tabernacle to be removed,” said Brother Talbot. “The northern portion will be covered over to protect and preserve it. If at some point the Church wants to incorporate that portion of the structure into the landscaping, it could then be uncovered and stabilized.”

Though I would have loved to see the entire foundation preserved, this change is nevertheless a fantastic development. As I’ve written before, the original tabernacle ruins are potentially an invaluable asset to the community. They’re also an important link to the heritage and history of Provo.

Though I don’t know all the factors that prompted this change, it is a significant victory for downtown Provo and the larger community.

The more distant parts of the ruins in this picture will be preserved.



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2 responses to “Victory: Original Tabernacle Ruins to be Partially Preserved

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