Best April Posts

April ended a week ago, but I’m just now getting around to a wrap up of my favorite posts. Deciding what to include was tough because I posted more times in April than in any previous month. However, here are a few posts that I suspect I’ll be returning to in the future.

Freedom Blvd: An Epic Fail: Freedom is a major street in Provo, but it suffers from a multitude of problems that undermine its potential.

Big Boxed: A Super Retailers a Wise Investment?: Massive retailers may not be the urban deus ex machina that many people think they are.

City Creek Not Benefitting Surrounding Businesses: City Creek may not be having a significant impact on non-mall retail and restaurants. If true, that fact should deter mall development and should temper expectations about Provo’s own downtown developments like the Tabernacle Temple.

Provo Leads Utah Valley in Eco Stewardship: Green development is a key to any city’s future success. Provo has a long way to go, but this post discusses how it has made progress.

Everyone Should Love Provo’s Music Venues: Provo’s music venues aren’t just cool. They’re vital economic assets for the city.

New Guerrilla Art in the Joaquin Neighborhood: The first of many posts about Provo street artist Leuven.


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