A Dream of Tomorrow’s Provo

People who attended the opening reception of Downtown Provo Inc. were treated to a series of artist renderings of downtown. After asking around and making some phone calls, I discovered that they were produced by Rick Kinteder.

At the end of March, Rick graciously told me I could post these images on this blog as long as they were used to promote the city. That’s a pretty easy mandate, as I’m a big advocate of downtown. It’s worth noting that, somewhat sadly, the images are not based on plans for what is to come. Rather, they’re Rick’s vision of what downtown could be if the right investors and developers materialized.

And I have to say, that vision is pretty fantastic. The images illustrate a more robust, built-up downtown, complete with grand pedestrian areas. The buildings are also more built up and of course, there are people out. Let’s hope the future of Provo looks something like this.



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4 responses to “A Dream of Tomorrow’s Provo

  1. Sign me up! You may even have my liver.

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